Celebs Going Publicist Free, Ex-CEO Ads and More PR News

Lunch Break Feb. 28

Lunch Break Feb. 28

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites

It’s the Tuesday after the Oscars, and I’m starting a one-woman campaign for Shirley MacLaine to host next year’s ceremony. In this week’s PR news, LinkedIn spills on how it uses its own built-in marketing tools, an ex-CEO’s advises his former company via bus ad, and much more.

Angelina Jolie: Actress, Director, Publicist?

Though tabloids insist Angelina Jolie is looking for an image overhaul post-divorce, The Cut offers convincing evidence she does a pretty good job acting as her own publicist. Known for eschewing the services of a spokesperson, Jolie’s first interviews since parting ways with Brad Pitt were exclusives with BBC and ABC News. The Cut points out Jolie passed on the traditional Hollywood route of approaching “friendly” publications like People in favor of respected news networks, thus establishing her source credibility. Would you advise Jolie any different?

LinkedIn, but for LinkedIn…

LinkedIn loves to share a behind-the-scenes look at the social networking giant via its company channels. Recently it posted a free guide on how it uses the network’s marketing tools to promote—what else—LinkedIn. The guide is full of tips on how it balances organic and paid reach, its best practices for campaign testing, and more.

Namastay on Message

Yoga apparel giant Lululemon parted ways with its infamous founder Chip Wilson in 2015 after he had some very public gaffes. However, Wilson is still a stock holder in the company and recently expressed his views by taking out bus stop ads in Vancouver advising the company to buy Under Armour. From Wilson to our Tweeter-in-Chief, President Donald Trump, it seems many PR professionals are left wondering how to balance a leader’s trademark unfiltered style while keep them on message.

Moving Mobile Forward

We all know there’s an app for everything, but according to CIO, interest in mobile apps are fading, and readers are engaging less with brand-specific apps. But mobile browsing of the Internet isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So what’s a mobile marketer to do? CIO offers 10 trends to keep an eye on for the next phase of mobile marketing, including location-based services, augmented reality and engaging with customers on native apps such as messaging services.

Looking to Improve Your SEO?

Search engine optimization can seem like a process only understood by those recruited to Hogwarts. But have no fear, this free eBook from Curata demystifies SEO and offers tricks and tools to take advantage of the latest search engine technology. You can download it here.

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