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Happy first Tuesday in May! Last night was the highly anticipated Met Gala, a.k.a. “The First Monday in May,” where celebrities and fashion luminaries gathered to honor avant garde fashion master Rei Kawakubo’s career. My choices for best dressed are Rhianna in straight-off-the-runway Commes des Garcon, and Solange Knowles in Thom Browne.

In this week’s very fashion-forward Lunch Break, we share the challenges of writing a presidential speech you don’t agree with, how the influencer community may have led to the Frye Festival crisis, and ask, “where are all the PR titles going?”

Today in “Jobs I Don’t Envy”

We are a bit biased at Stanton when it comes to the NHL rivalry between the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins. So we understand the pain Stephen Krupin, former speechwriter for President Obama, experienced in writing the speech to welcome the 2015 Stanley Cup Champions—the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Krupin wrote in the Washington Post that he volunteered for the gig in advance, thinking he would be welcoming his favorite team, the Caps. Every communicator has had to divorce their emotions from an assignment in their career. Krupin’s hilarious and heartfelt essay detailed his process for putting his assignment first and his bitter disappointment second.

PR May Need a Little PR

Raise your hand if your job encompasses much more than PR? Good, I see we all raised our hands. PR News also noticed that “PR” seems to be leaving job titles as communications duties encompass content marketing, social media and more. A quick survey on Twitter found many who are dropping “PR” from their job titles, but a few who stressed the importance of owning PR despite a widening scope.

This Instagram Does Not Guarantee Endorsement

You may have seen a trending hashtag about The Fyre Festival, a little-known luxury vacation musical festival targeted at the high rolling Instagram set (I was disappointed to find this was not a Frye boots mega-sale). The reality of the festival was nothing like the images of plush villas, blue waters and models projected via Instagram. Attendees described the event as more akin to “a Red Cross disaster village.

The resulting Frye PR crisis raises some interesting questions around the projection of luxury living common with Instagram influencers, and what is behind a single snap shot. No surprise, the FTC is looking to crack down on Instagram paid ad disclosures by high profile celebrities. And maybe the rest of us should keep our guards up, too.

The Coca-Cola Company Moves Engagement Beyond a Buzzword

Measuring engagement with content is still fuzzy math, but increasingly important to any digital campaign. The Coca-Cola Company found its web analytics weren’t telling the complete user engagement story.

Natalie A. Johnson, senior manager of digital communications and social media at The Coca-Cola Company, told PR News they began to measure what they call Expressions of Interest (EOI). The new EOI metric captures conversations and social engagement for individual stories, as well as provides a road map for planning more content that supports popular stories or boosting paid outreach.

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