Fast Company’s Top 100, Your Interactive Future, I’m Not a White Blob, and More

Lunch Break May 16

Lunch Break May 16

Quick PR Reads You Can Tackle Between Bites

Hello, hello, communicators. Here in D.C., those of us who commute home via the Gallery Place metro stop are relieved the Eastern Conference semi-final is finally over, even if we didn’t like the outcome.

But we’re really going to miss Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror Rooms at the Hirshorn. If you didn’t make it, you officially lost your chance for 30 seconds in each room of the exhibit. Happily, this newly engaged couple got their chance to see it.

But enough of that. We have sandwiches to eat and stories to dish. In this week’s PR news, meet this year’s top 100 creative minds in business, Southwest Airlines’ message is landing on social media, Hubspot declares interactive video the future of online communications, and Dove celebrates the rare white blob body type.

Meet 2017’s 100 Most Creative

Fast Company has told us who the 100 most creative people in business of 2017 are, including Atlanta creator Donald Glover, General Motors’ executive chief engineer Pamela Fletcher, and in the #1 slot, director of government innovation at Bloomberg Philanthropies’ James Anderson. Do you agree with the rankings? Tweet us about it.

Get More Interactive

What’s the next big thing in communications media? Hubspot says it’s interactive video—and a number of brands have already beaten you to it. Ready to dive in? The blog calls out three exceptional examples of interactive video at work for brands.

How One Airline’s Message Remains Turbulence-Free

While so many airlines are getting communications (and customer experience) terribly wrong recently, Southwest has one thing down: social media. These four tips from the airline’s social media strategy are great for any organization looking to build a consistent brand voice without losing that personal touch.

Body Type: White Blob?

It seems Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign went too far last week when it released a series of limited-edition body wash bottles in varying shapes. The bottles were intended to celebrate all the different body types, but women of all types agreed they don’t identify with white blobs, no matter how they’re shaped. Consider it a case study on what happens when a campaign strays too far from the core message.

Bonus Link: You read all the way to the end! Here’s your reward: the top Mother’s Day ads of 2017.

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