Intergalactic poultry, JAY-Z’s hungry following, and the überthreat of poisonous dialogue

Lunch Break: June 20

Lunch Break: June 20

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Happy lunch break! As the puddles from Monday’s storm dry on the pavement outside of Stanton’s Baltimore and DC offices, we are ready to dish breaking and share-worthy updates from the communication-sphere.

In this week’s Lunch Break, we share an out-of-this-world partnership, a hip-hop monarch’s brilliant communicative techniques, and the cruciality of harmony and transparency within a nationally recognized brand.

Send your marketing strategy into the stratosphere – literally

Kentucky Fried Chicken is sending spicy fried chicken goodness where it has never been before with the help of World View Enterprises, launching the Zinger sandwich into space. Space enthusiasts and fried chicken fiends alike will be able to watch the monumental launch at

KFC has other “out-of-this-world” promo events for the four-day trip, including dropping a single coupon for someone to find on the ground. Jane Poynter, World View’s chief executive, views the trip as a way to highlight her company’s stratollite balloon technology. As for KFC, this is yet another out of the chicken box marketing tactic with a little science on the side.

JAY-Z demands attention

If one were to claim that curiosity occurs at the gap between what we know and what we want to know, JAY-Z’s followers are downright hungry. The “4:44” sign many believe to be the name of his new album has gone viral popping up on several hip-hop websites. In addition, several New York City subway stations coincidentally including the Jay St. stop in Brooklyn as well as Times Square are boasting the now-notorious sign. With the announcement of his soon-to-be-released visual album, JAY underwent a nationally observed rebrand, dubbing himself “JAY-Z” rather than the former “Jay Z.” If this New York native understands one thing about generating intrigue, it is to make your public deeply curious and then maintain curiosity by leaking knowledge only to the edge of satisfaction.

Spotting über-deadly problems in your company

It has become apparent that – once again – we will be seeing Uber in a not-so-positive light in the upcoming weeks. On June 13, Yahoo! Finance received a leaked audio recording of an Uber board meeting tasked to announce CEO Travis Kalanick’s leave; however, a sexist remark by now-ostracized board member David Bonderman squashed any feeble attempts made to regain nationwide endorsement.

Jessica Fish, senior consultant at Leader Networks, says, “Getting to the root requires leadership buy-in and training efforts that are funded, required, compelling and actionable. Doing that requires in-depth personal work as well as a sustained investigation around how implicit biases present themselves inside the workplace.” We, as communicators, understand that public perception is not blind to the innerworkings of a company, and now, more than ever, ethical transparency is essential to generating good PR.

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