Brands v. the Eclipse, BYOC, Re/Max Re/Does the Hot Air Balloon

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Didn’t get your hands on solar eclipse glasses? Hopefully your eyesight in still intact to read this week’s roundup of PR news. We reenacted kindergarten by creating our own viewer the old-school way.

In today’s Lunch Break, brands break out of the shadow and join the eclipse trend, Slurpee lovers got creative with their cups, and a new look for an iconic brand.

Capitalizing on the Eclipse

Airbnb partnered with National Geographic and designed an iconic eclipse viewing experience for two lucky winners. Winners spent a night under the starry Oregon sky followed by a flight on a private jet to experience the eclipse up close. The contest focused on social media engagement and optimized brand awareness for both Airbnb and National Geographic. The partnership between these two famous names is a testament to the success of combined brand power.

Since last week’s lunch break, multiple brands have jumped on the eclipse band wagon. Delta Air Lines made a “pre-enactment,” Pizza Hut and Coca- Cola made DIY eclipse viewers, Krispy Kreme sold limited-edition “eclipse” doughnuts, and Denny’s made mooncakes. We took a poll in the office and our vote for best PR move? Denny’s Mooncakes. Although, we admittedly might be a little biased when we learned the Krispy Kreme next to our office was not participating in the making of eclipse doughnuts.

Of course, ultimately, Taylor Swift eclipsed us all by dropping a short teaser for her next, long-anticipated release.

Creativity with Cups

The beloved “bring your own cup day” hit 7-Eleven stores on August 18 and 19 this year. In true 7-Eleven fashion, the promotion was between the hours of 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The only requirement for the day was having a food-safe and watertight cup that fit under the machine while upright, otherwise all was fair game. Slurpee lovers shared their creative cups using the hashtag #BYOCupDay. The popular hashtag provides some great creative cup insight for next year!

Re/Max Still Soars with New Logo

The iconic hot air balloon in red, white, and blue is still soaring, but with a new look. After 44 years, Re/Max revealed a new brand Identity. Co-CEOS Dave Liniger and Adam Contos stated, “We believe the updated balloon and wordmark will help our agents grow their business and give them an even bigger competitive advantage in digital, social media, and mobile marketing.” Re/Max Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing called the logo refresh a “brand evolution, not a brand revolution,” making the words most productive real estate network even stronger.

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