Facebook Ads Merge, The Fake News Crisis Plan, Worst Business Habits & More

Lunch Break Sept. 19, 2017

Lunch Break Sept. 19, 2017


Is it fall yet? The calendar says yes, but D.C.’s trademark late-September humidity says no.

In this week’s Lunch Break, Facebook is merging its ad platforms, here are the steps to dodge fake news about your company, we’re breaking your bad work habits before 2018, and here’s a simple way to optimize blog post performance.

Ads Manager + Power Editor 4Ever

Facebook continues its habit of incessant change by merging its Ad Manager and Power Editor into a single tool. Social Media Today offers a breakdown of how to use the new merged application.

It appears that at least immediately, all this will do is make the two tools available within a single interface, which we are definitely not complaining about…but we’ve got our fingers crossed for even more user-friendly evolution to this system moving forward.

Don’t panic and dodge fake news

We can probably all agree that fake news is bad. But what if that fake news was about your company? This CommPro article will have you ready to burst into action—keep that crisis communication plan close (you’ve got one, right?) and follow these steps. If you play it right, you may be able to not only eliminate the crisis, but also redirect audiences to something more positive for the company. 

Stop that.

We’re already closing in on the home stretch of 2017. Don’t let the clock run out before getting yourself in order for impactful work habits… or more specifically, drop a few bad ones.

Often those bad habits know exactly who they are, but if you’re looking for some outside input, Fast Company has a few suggestions of common bad work habits to kick to help you accomplish those big goals before the end of the year.

Really, really, really, ridiculously well-performing posts

There’s a simple secret to ridiculously well-performing posts—it’s not making each one stand on its own. By making a habit of inter-linking each post to other relevant content, you not only make it easy for readers to go deeper into your blog (which helps build loyalty), but you also help your readers by providing additional resources. Plus, reverse this process for an ingenious way to identify juicy topics for future content.

Copyblogger explains it all on the blog this week.

Bonus: Fast Company offers up nine newsletters to make you smarter. Not that we don’t think you’re already plenty smart.

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