Facebook Wants to Feed You, New Rules at The New York Times, and Social Media Done Right

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This week in Lunch Break, we cover Facebook’s newest gimmick, New York Times new rules, and the power of a successful social media campaign.

A New Kind of “Feed” for Facebook

Facebook announced it will be joining the ranks of food delivery services. Instead of competing with other services, Facebook will act as a tool to connect you with one of their partner delivery services.

The new feature will allow users to tell their friends “Happy Birthday” and order dinner without ever leaving Facebook. Though this won’t be a direct revenue driver for the company, it will keep users on the website or app for longer periods of time.

Changing the Rules

The New York Times announced they will be changing the guidelines for what their journalists can and can’t  say on social media. The new rules prevent journalists from expressing partisan opinions, offensive comments, or making customer service complaints.

Most reporters include a comment in their Twitter bios noting that their posts do not represent the views of their employer. Journalists have expressed concerns that this could work against Times reporters when it comes to defending themselves. TBD on whether other news publications will jump on the bandwagon.

Me Too

Social media  platforms have been flooded with posts since Sunday evening encouraging users to write a post with the two words “me too.” From celebrities to politicians, thought leaders and everyday users, this campaign has caught fire all over the nation, if not the world. This campaign goes to show the power and speed of social media.

You may recall past social media campaigns such as the 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge or last year’s Mannequin Challenge. More and more, people are using social media to spread news and get attention, and this campaign is the perfect example of that.

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