PR Nightmares Don’t Wait For Halloween, The bomb-sniffing dog that couldn’t, and more

Lunch Break Oct. 24

Lunch Break Oct. 24


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers. You have exactly one week to procure that original Halloween costume on the cheap. If you want to go with popular opinion, check out Google’s Frightgeist which tracks the most popular costume searches nationwide and in your city. (Spoiler alert: Wonder Woman is #1. The 1970’s is #585). Need a PR pro-inspired idea? We’ve got you covered.

In this week’s edition, we bring you lessons from real-life PR social media scares, how the CIA went from clandestine to doggone cute, and how the chicken nugget fast food feud between two chains is becoming ‘spicy’.

See, What Happened Was…

What’s scarier than going as Pennywise the Clown from It? If you’re a major corporation, it could be a social media faux pas that turns into an all-out nightmare. PR News Online offers 6 steps communicators should take during a public screw-up.

Ruff Life

Anything involving animals usually results in social media gold. Just look at the CIA, which recently tweeted about its bomb-sniffing dogs, including Lulu, a black lab who flunked out of the program. As Ragan’s PR Daily wrote yesterday, media outlets lapped it up.

Nuggets of Wisdom

Earlier this year, Wendy’s announced that its popular spicy chicken nuggets were no more. Fans reacted on social media. Now, Burger King is trolling its fresh-never-frozen foe by thawing out month-old tweets. And then promoting them.

Spice Spice Baby

Ever wonder what KFC’s 11 herbs and spices are? Look no further—the iconic fried chicken fast food chain’s latest marketing gimmick involves its cleverly curated list of Twitter followers. You might say the content is Herbaceous.

BONUS: Why greatly exaggerated reports of Snapchat’s demise matter to communicators.

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