Talking Twitter: Hashtags, Character Allowance, and Pay-to-Play

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Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers. It’s the final stretch before the holiday season, and everyone in the nation’s capital is hustling and bustling. Over here in Stanton’s D.C. office, we’ve still got a pile of Halloween candy on the table, wondering how time is passing so fast.

In this week’s edition, we’re talking Twitter: hashtags, character allowance and pay-to-play. Here’s a roundup of everything you need to know.

#MeToo, #MeAt14 and #BoycottKeurig

 A few weeks ago, we wrote about how the hashtag #MeToo caught like wildfire on Facebook and Twitter. Now, #MeAt14 is prompting women to share a photo of themselves at fourteen and remind the world why, at that age, you can’t consent.

Following the same format, #BoycottKeurig rose after the coffeemaker company tweeted that they were pulling advertisements from political commentator Sean’s Hannity’s show. Politics aside, here’s a compilation of everyone who took to Twitter and destroyed their Keurig machines.

These trending hashtags continue to be a conversation starter, proving that in this digital age, social media holds a true power and can create a rapid spread of not just information, but a social movement.

Pay to Play

 Twitter’s budget for invitations must be quite large this year. After a rash of exclusive invites a few months ago to kickstart its updated 280-character allowance, the network sent out another exclusive invitation to selected “beta testers” for their Automated Ads Pilot Program. For $99 a month, the Automated Ads Pilot Program will automatically promote profiles and tweets for a growth in followers and reach. We’re feeling popular, Twitter.

 Social Media Shake-Up 

 Twitter isn’t only on the move, it’s also shaking up the internet. Releasing the 280-character allowance for its 330 million users definitely shook the internet, with unhappy responses. According to our Stanton Twitter poll, 82 percent of you saying the new character allowance is “too much to read.” So if you’re disgruntled by the shift, you’re not alone.

Thank You, Veterans!  

We could not let this week’s Lunch Break pass without recognizing Veterans for their commitment, sacrifice, and bravery.

Several major brands also took a moment to share this sentiment. Here are five Veteran’s Day campaigns that honored those who served. Stanton’s favorite? Human Hug Project for Super 8.


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