McDonald’s Supersized Social Media Fail, Comms Tips for 2018, A Brew-tiful journey to Mars, and more


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers. It’s back to work, following all the talk of turkey and tryptophan, debates over stuffing vs. dressing, and getting those sweet deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In this week’s edition, we bring you McDonald’s unfinished business on Black Friday, how to be a communication success in 2018, and ways to exude confidence when pitching a potential client.

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McDonald’s has Egg McMuffin on its face following a social media snafu during Black Friday. An overnight incomplete tweet from The Golden Arches corporate account soon went viral. Wendy’s added to the “beef” with their own response. Not to be outdone, McDonald’s attempted to save face.

Success in 2018

It’s that time of the year for curated lists of reflection on 2017, along with looking ahead to the new year. PR News Online has 8 tips for all communications professionals to be successful in 2018, including the importance of brands being authentic to their audiences and how perseverance can pay off in getting the attention of key media outlets.

One Small Suds for Mars

Last spring, Budweiser’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch announced that space travel was in the plans. It turns out they weren’t kidding about trying to be the first beer on Mars. Budweiser says this seemingly PR stunt is actually for scientific research. The experiment “launches” on December 4, when Budweiser will send barley seeds on a SpaceX rocket bound for the International Space Station. The company wants to analyze how a key ingredient in beer reacts in zero and low-gravity environments.

Strike a Power Pose

Whether you’re in public relations, marketing or advertising, new business is an integral component to any organization or agency. While much of our internal and external interactions are through phone or email, making a long-lasting impression in person is paramount to landing a new account. From smiling to carrying yourself with confidence, don’t pitch a new client before reading these six body language essentials from PR Daily.

Bonus: Are you a brand looking for inspiration to tell compelling stories through social media? Here are four examples of real people (and one organization) using Twitter and Instagram for content that resonates with their followers.

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