Talking Twitter: #BrandBowl52, #CallieMeetsProm and #CrockPotCares

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Lunch Breakers, there’s no way to hide it, this week’s Lunch Break is all about Twitter. Are your thumbs ready? Here’s the roundup: A PR faux pas #BrandBowl52, #CallieMeetsProm, and #CrockPotCares.

PR Problem

Yesterday, a reporter tweeted that she was not BCC’ed, but CC’d on a pitch email. Along with 245 reporters, all of whom are now receiving each and every reply, all of which probably consist of “not interested.” Admittedly, our hearts sank when we read this. A good reminder of why it’s best to avoid the mass pitch approach to PR in the first place.


When it comes to the Super Bowl, Twitter serves as a public forum to either “yay” or “nay” commercial. Knowing they possess this power, Twitter announced it will be awarding the “yay’s” with a range of prizes. What the top prize? A suite of exclusive ad products and custom consumer research opportunities to fuel their future Twitter campaigns in 2018.


It’s that time of the year again – promposal season. Harnessing the power of social media, Callie Quinn from Staten Island set out on a quest for 500,000 retweets and in return would be invited to Citi Field to take her prom pictures. The Mets also threw in a bonus offer, offering players to jump in the shots. Callie met her goal on January 27 and racked up a total of 502,000 retweets. We hate to admit it, but #CallieMeetsProm is a true testament to the power of social media. Way to ban together, Mets fans!

Crock-Pot Cares

Caution, spoiler alert! This is Us came to a heart-breaking end after a faulty crockpot leads to the untimely death of a loving dad and husband. Fans quickly took their sorrows to social media threating to throw out their own Crock-Pots. Crock-Pot decided to join the discussion and defend its brand, by creating a Twitter to reassure worried fans. We may be grieving, but rest assured we can still #TrustTheCrock.

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