Super Bowl Ad Preview, Combatting the #TidePodChallenge, 2017 Social Media by the Numbers, And More

Super Bowl Ad Preview, Combatting the #TidePodChallenge, 2017 Social Media by the Numbers, And More

Super Bowl Ad Preview, Combatting the #TidePodChallenge, 2017 Social Media by the Numbers, And More


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! The Super Bowl LII stage is set with the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots giving football fans a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX. If you want to take a trip in the way back machine, check out Ad Age’s Super Bowl commercial archives from that 2005 matchup.  

In today’s Lunch Break, we’re talking previews for this crop of Super Bowl commercials, combatting the #TidePodChallenge, looking back at 2017 social media use, and examining the importance of an updated media list. 

Super Bowl Ads 

What will $5 million get you these days? If you’re the marketing arm of a brand, that’s the price for a 30-second spot in this year’s Super Bowl. CNBC has a preview of what’s in store on February 4, including a candy company releasing its “most exclusive Super Bowl ad ever made.” 

Turning the Tide 

The latest meme/trend to gain online traction for questionable reasons centers around people recording themselves eating Tide Pods. To combat the spread of the #TidePodChallenge, Facebook and YouTube say they are removing videos and taking down any related content of people ingesting the toxic packets. It’s gotten so bad that the American Association of Poison Control Centers had to issue a warning after receiving the same number of calls about laundry pod consumption – 39 – in the first half of January than they did in all of 2016.  It goes without saying: Along with a formal statement from parent company Proctor and Gamble, Tide also issued their own PSA on social media with the help of spokesperson and New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. 

Social Media Report 

One in three people – nearly 2.5 billion across the globe – used a social media network in 2017. That’s according to eMarketer’s latest estimates of worldwide social media users, which also includes insight into how people access social media (phone) and the rising popularity of Instagram. Facebook, which owns Instagram, was the most popular social network in the world, with an estimated 1.54 billion people logging on at least once a month. 

Making a list. Checking it (more than) twice. 

When it comes to media relations, an expansive media list can help PR pros figure out who to contact with a press release and other proactive pitching. What’s better than that? A carefully curated list that you keep up-to-date on a regular basis. 


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