Valentine’s Day Ads, The Olympics on Twitter, iPhone Marketing and More

Lunch Break February 13

Lunch Break February 13


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re getting in some heart-shaped pancakes and decadent chocolate to celebrate. And the fun doesn’t stop there. 

In this week’s lunch break edition, we cover clever and unlikely Valentine’s Day ads, the Olympics and Super Bowl on Twitter, and the iPhone’s new sentimental marketing to win over the Chinese market. 

Valentine’s Day Specials 

Valentine’s Day is filled with roses, chocolate, and fast food. This holiday season, declare your love for McDonald’s and you can win a $12,500 Big Mac diamond ring in the chain’s #BlingMacContest. Or call Wingstop for advice on romantic gestures and order a “WING LUV” kit. The kit includes wing roses, tissue paper, ribbon cellophane and a $25 gift card. For a more serious perspective on love, watch this powerful PSA animation to help teens combat relationship abuse.  

Twitter Talk 

The 2018 Winter Olympics American snowboarder, Chloe Kim, is giving us something to chew on. Her tweets give us insight on how her gold medal win was earned alongside an unusual diet. Also on Twitter is a competition for Super Bowl ads or a “Brand Bowl.” Top awards went to companies with campaigns specific to the platform. The Ram’s ad that featured the voice of Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t do well, eliciting tweets that saw it as disrespectful. 

Apple Empathy 

With the iPhone X launch, Apple is focused on winning back its Chinese consumers close to the Chinese New Year. The company hired acclaimed Chinese filmmaker, Peter Chan, for a short three-minute film about a real conductor who works on a long, crowded train route, and finds a way to see her son for the holiday. All shot on the iPhone X.

“More for Your Thing” 

AT&T is launching a “More for Your Thing” campaign, marketing their high-speed internet and unlimited plans to offer consumers what they want, whether it’s binge-watching or YouTube. The line concludes with “More for your thing. Yeah, that’s our thing.”

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