Brand Poetry, Bold Buzzfeed, Twitter DMs And More

Brand Poetry, Bold Buzzfeed, Twitter DMs And More


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! With spring right around the corner, time is moving fast, and so is our industry.

In this week’s edition, we look at how companies are keeping up in the fast-paced age of technology. Brands are sprouting sonnets, Buzzfeed is making bold moves and Twitter is making sure its users are protected.

Let Me Count The Ways…

As customers grow wiser with the wealth of information, brands are counting on new methods, like poetry, to connect to their audiences. Companies like Coca-Cola and Microsoft are using poetry to evoke a human connection, making the conversation more personal in a socially conscious era.

Buzzfeed Gets Bold

Many brands are turning to social media to engage with consumers, while Buzzfeed embodies engagement through its main platform. A master at headlines and listicles, Buzzfeed continues to stay ahead of the times with the launch of the AM to DM show, an alternative viewing to the traditional morning shows, on Twitter. The show includes trending topics of the day and addresses audiences directly.

Twitter Gets Down to Business

Twitter is helping businesses out with a new feature called “adaptive rate limit,” allowing accounts to send up to five DMs within 24 hours of received customer messages. Businesses will now have the tools to be able to personally respond to their customers during high volume periods.

A Bird Set Free

Twitter is on a roll, not only giving its businesses a chance for better conversation, but also making sure voices are protected. In the wake of the Parkland tragedy, the platform is making sure students are protected from bots, trolls, spam and harassment as they take a stand against gun violence.

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