Facebook’s Update, a Reddit Redesign, Content Strategy, and More

Facebook’s Update, a Reddit Redesign, Content Strategy, and More

Facebook’s Update, Reddit’s Redesign, Content Strategy, and More


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! As you’re enjoying a late lunch, read through our latest edition covering Facebook’s newest update, a Reddit redesign, the power of PR and content marketing strategy.

Building Trust

Facebook announced it is rolling out another change to provide users with more information about the articles and publications in their news feed. These new features are part of Facebook’s attempts to counter an ongoing “fake news” problem. Facebook research says that adding contextual links about an article will help readers evaluate its credibility.

Reddit Refresh

Reddit has been redesigned, the website’s first visual refresh in over a decade. Since Reddit’s launch in 2005, the site has gained a massive audience and developed into a community for everyone. To appeal to the masses, he founders wanted a simpler, cleaner look that would improve usability. For now, Redditors will have the option to switch back to the old layout so they can gradually get used to the new design. How will this effect Reddit’s 330 million users? Only time will tell.

The Power of PR

At times, you may need to justify the value of PR to your client or manager and demonstrate how it is making money for your company. In these cases, it is important to understand where they are coming from and what matters most to them. Communicating results and successes will help them understand your point of view. Here are a few more tips about proving the power of PR.


Content marketing should be planned strategically and include intentional social media promotion. Monitoring your platforms, especially as they roll out new changes, is important for you to develop your audience. In addition, your analytics will help you learn what’s working and what isn’t, so don’t be afraid to use them.

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