An Internet Minute, Google’s New Algorithm, The World Cup And More…



Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! This year, April flowers brought May showers, but we’re not here to rain on your internet minute, a topic to read more about in this week’s Lunch Break edition. We also discuss Google’s new algorithm, the World Cup on Twitter and Arby’s new typeface.

The Internet Minute

A lot can happen in an internet minute. This infographic from Cumulus Media shows the activity taking place in the span of 60 seconds on platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Google, Netflix and more. To put things into perspective, there are approximately 2,033,600,000 Facebook logins if scaled to a monthly basis.

Creating Content

Google has a new algorithm that extracts summaries and combines webpages to generate original content—lifting from both you and your competitors to create full articles—where the user’s question can be answered without being redirected to another page. Artificial intelligence, here we come.

The World Cup

With the World Cup fast approaching, Twitter is encouraging brands to include #WorldCup in posts and capture audience attention. The platform saw 672 million tweets featuring the hashtag in 2014, and quickly became the most tweeted event in history.

‘Saucy AF’

Arby’s joins Netflix and Airbnb by creating its own type face, to be consistent across all messaging and unique to its consumers. Now it not only has “the meats,” but a saucy new font called “Saucy AF,” pwhere the AF stands for “Arby’s Font.”


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