Father’s Day Ads, Finding Newsworthy Gems, Cracking Down on Fake Followers and More.

Father's Day Neckties Lunch Break

Father's Day Neckties Lunch Break


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers. We’re thinking back to the Washington Capitals’ much anticipated Stanley Cup parade from last Tuesday when the weather was a tad bit cooler.

In this week’s Lunch Break, we look at some amusing and heartwarming Father’s Day ads, a novel way for communicators to find newsworthy stories and how a consumer goods titan is cracking down on certain social media influencers.

Father’s Day Ads

Did you remember to get your dad something besides a new necktie and pair of socks? According to the National Retail Federation, those who celebrate the holiday are shirking the traditional gifts for more unique displays of appreciation. AdAge has the rundown on some of the best Father’s Day spots, including a plethora of dad jokes.

Ask Me Anything

Here’s a clever way to unearth some newsworthy gems, courtesy of pitching guru Michael Smart. Instead of waiting for the information to be handed down for a press release or media alert, be proactive and reach out to a few people in your organization who are “in the know”. Just like with outreach to reporters, remember to always follow-up if you don’t hear back.

No More Fake Followers

As more and more brands incorporate micro influencer marketing in their social media advertising strategy, one company is taking a stand against those social media stars who pad their stats with fake engagement. Consumer goods giant Unilever announced that it will no longer work with influencers who buy social media followers. Unilver’s CMO also urged other brands to evaluate the types of influencers they work with to improve transparency and public trust.

Pizza and Potholes

Domino’s new publicity stunt combines marinara and municipalities. The pizza chain plans to fix potholes across America for a smoother ride for its delivery drivers. Yahoo! Finance has the saucy details on this full-baked idea.

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