Happy Fourth, King James Big Move, and an Instagram Update

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Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! As the city quiets down and people are headed out of town for the Fourth of July, we’ve rounded up some must-know PR news before you hit the road.

In this week’s edition, we’re covering brand reactions to Lebron’s Lakers decision, a festive Fourth of July campaign and Instagram’s new IGTV feature.

Lebron’s Lakers Decision

 The long-awaited decision of LeBron James lead popular brands to weigh in on the conversation. Sherwin-William commemorated his time with the Cavaliers while local Los Angeles restaurants claimed to be the reason he signed with the Lakers. Either way, King James was trending on Twitter.

Happy Fourth from Smirnoff

 While the Fourth of July may be on a Wednesday, Smirnoff wants to party all week. In fact, the major beverage company has created an offer, where contestants can win $500 dollars to take July 5th and 6th off. The campaign is highlighting Smirnoff’s limited edition “Red, White & Berry” flavor.

The company was founded in Moscow and is owned by a leading UK beverage giant, but their patriotic campaign is all about the U.S. market. Well done, Smirnoff – Cheers!

Instagram Adds TV

Instagram’s newest update, aims to be more viewer friendly by adding a new feature called IGTV.  This addition allows viewers to watch longer form videos from their favorite influencers, all in one place. Videos can range from one minute to one hour, a drastic difference from the original one minute video length.


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