World Emoji Day, Quality Placements and Award-Winning PR Moves

World Emoji Day, Quality Placements and Award-Winning PR Moves

World Emoji Day, Quality Placements and Award-Winning PR Moves


Happy Wednesday, Lunch Breakers! Here at Stanton, we’re recovering from this week’s Home Run Derby and All-Star game. In this week’s lunch break, we cover World Emoji Day, securing quality media placements, brands versus consumers on social media and the best PR moves of 2018.

World Emoji Day

Taking advantage of the national holiday, Apple announced they would be rolling out 70 new emojis on World Emoji Day. The additions will offer more diverse people as well as new food and animal choices. Almost every day is a national holiday which offers an opportunity to connect with your audience without being overly promotional.

Brands vs. Consumers

There is a major disconnect between what consumers want to see from brands and what marketers are posting to social media, according to a recent report from Sprout Social. Marketers are posting content to tell a story and inspire while consumers want to see discounts or new products and services. The only overlap between the two is that they both want educational content.

Quality Placements

Securing earned media placements in trusted outlets is an essential component of the PR industry. These placements help you reach your target audience and generate a wider brand awareness. To ensure you are maximizing the reach of your earned media, follow these five tips.

Award-Winning PR Moves

The first half of 2018 has seen some big wins (and losses) in terms of the way companies handle PR. From Iceland’s World Cup promotion and the IHOP/IHOb name change to Southwest Airlines crisis response, we can appreciate the brands who successfully used PR to improve their reputation. Here is a subjective list of 2018’s PR wins to date.

Bonus: Need an SEO cheat sheet? Here’s the small business owner’s SEO glossary.

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