Your Sales Strategy Sits a Throne of Lies, Smithsonian Offers VR Tours, and More

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All that July rain finally gave way to the District’s classic, oppressive August heat. And this girl lived it unfiltered all Sunday to cheer on the champions of D.C.’s 50th annual Citi Open tennis tournament. Pass the aloe, please.

In this week’s Lunch Break, a vaguely familiar face turns ad spots into a platform, Smithsonian offers VR tours, live video is the hot new social media favorite, and everything you know about loss aversion is wrong.

Do I Know You?

The phenomenon of the famous, unknown face isn’t a new one for advertising’s most in-demand character actors. But Allyn Rachel—whose quirky humor you know from ads for Toyota, Walmart, IHOP and sooooo many more—is stepping it up. Instead of hearing “you look so familiar” the rest of her life, she’s turning her prolific 30-second appearances into a platform to bigger steps for her career, including a web-based TV show pilot. Here’s how.

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VR Brings Tech to Art

Following VR collaborations at the Guggenheim and the British Museum, Smithsonian is giving its latest exhibit a technological spin by offering VR tours to those who can’t make it to D.C. to view the art in person. Virtually recreating the Renwick Gallery building may sound like a great feat, but according to Linden Lab, it was nothing compared to recreating the artwork itself.

Naturally, the exhibit in question is inspired by the creations of Burning Man … what better way to extend the event’s experiment in both community and art?

Going Live in 3 … 2 … 1

Video is taking the lead in the battle for attention on social media—live video. A brand’s live video feed increases organic reach 135 percent, compared to a photo post, and 82 percent of customers say they prefer to watch live videos from a brand over blog posts or social media updates.

Start here for top components to consider when getting started.

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Facts Aversion

For decades the concept of loss aversion—the idea that the psychological resistance to losing something is a stronger motivation for action than the incentive of gaining something new—has been a foundational concept for mobilizing audiences of all kinds. For example, it was believed that the fear of a price increase would motivate people to make a purchase more than a price decrease.

Turns out we were wrong. Here’s what the newest science on the topic says.

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