SEO Basics, Kids Who Online Shop, Facebook Algorithms, and More

Lunch Break - SEO Basics


Happy Wednesday, Lunch Breakers! In this week’s edition, we cover SEO basics, retail therapy for children, Facebook’s algorithm, and Spotify ads.

Back to Basics

Have you mastered search engine optimization? If not, you’re in luck. Moz created a beginner’s guide to SEO and it provides a lot of helpful advice and insight to help someone understand SEO.  Search engines help people discover, understand and organize content on the internet, so it’s important to understand the basics.

Retail Therapy

Children and preteens are spending more time on smartphones, and this means retailers have direct access to young shoppers. Companies collect data on users, so they can tailor ads, but young people understand why they see these ads. How are children playing such a large role in the retail market? Find out here.

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Algorithm Updates

Since Facebook updated their newsfeed algorithm, businesses are seeing less interaction with individual posts. With more content than ever before, brands want to make sure their pages and posts are visible to consumers. But what is the ideal frequency for posting to Facebook? The sweet spot is five posts a day.

Ad Skipping

Spotify is testing a new feature in its free tier which will allow users to skip as many audio and video ads as they like. The new feature, Active Media, is intended to deliver a more engaging and personalized experience. Launching skippable ads might cause less ad revenue for the company, but the goal is to serve ads that consumers will actually listen to.

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