PRSA’s Princess Quiz, Amazon’s Brand Integrations, and Spring Cleaning for Twitter

The Stanton offices are still hanging on to the last few weeks of summer, but ready for fall since far too many colleagues have brought sugary treats from their travels to the office.

Sugar aside, it’s time for lunch. This week’s edition covers PRSA’s need for PR, Amazon’s Brand Integrations, Spring Cleaning for Twitter and writing like Hemingway.


PRSA’S Princess Quiz

In light of recent backlash over a personality quiz titled “What PR Princess Are You?” the tables have turned for The Public Relations Society of America. In their quiz, the society offered alternate egos for female PR pros such as “Curious PR Princess” or “Assertive PR Princess.”

Female practitioners took to Twitter to express their frustrations, emphasizing that they have degrees, not tiaras, and the quiz was quickly removed with apologies.


Amazon’s Brand Integrations

Amazon is making moves once again, with a new announcement from the Vice President of Alexa Experience and Echo Devices regarding Alexa’s integration into many popular brand names.

Soon, you’ll be able to hear Alexa’s familiar voice in Sonos speakers, Garmin, and BMW vehicles. This gives brands a voice and allows a personalized experience for the consumer. Smart move, Amazon!


 Spring Cleaning for Twitter

While it may not be spring, Twitter took some time to overhaul its automated bots in early July and the results are in. Despite the high numbers of fraudulent accounts, monthly active users only went down 1 million. There may still be questions to ask here, but we’re glad to see they are taking the first step.


Writing like Hemingway

It’s important to write distinctly and to-the-point, but is writing like Hemingway the only way?  Cision answers this question in their most recent blog post, providing alternative writing styles to consider. Stanton’s takeaway from this post? Every word matters.

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