Halloween-inspired PR Ideas, A Must-See Makeup Ad, A Gobblin’ PR Nightmare and More


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers!

We’re having an early birthday celebration for Lunch Break veteran Adam Yosim, who turns <age redacted> on Wednesday. In today’s edition, we pumpkin-spice things up with Halloween-inspired marketing ideas, the most romantic ad of the year and Burger King’s nightmare burger.

A Pumpkin For Your Thoughts

’Tis the season to indulge in everything orange, sweet and scary. With Americans slated to spend billions of dollars on Halloween-related swag, companies of all sizes are bringing out a different kind of skeleton from their closet. From pumpkin carving contests to “flash haunting,” here are a dozen Halloween-inspired PR and marketing ideas to boost your footprint in the marketplace.

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Makeup Your Own Story

Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetics company, is taking advantage of this scary season with a three-minute commercial. AdWeek calls it the most romantic love story of the year. Whether you have a bathroom shelf filled to the brim with concealer and lipstick, or don’t indulge in any makeup, the ad is definitely worth a view, or ten.

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A Different Kind of PR Nightmare

Burger King has a PR ‘nightmare’ on its hands, just in time for Halloween. This one was intentional – the fast food titan is making a hamburger with green buns, stuffed with beef, chicken and bacon, among other things. Its “sir”name: the ‘Nightmare King.’ Burger King also claims that the protein and cheese combo is more than three times likelier to give people vivid dreams (read: nightmares). If you don’t feel like shelling out $10 for a bag of candy, this boo-tiful bad boy will only cost you $6 and change.

Here’s The Pitch

Looking for ways to up your media relations pitching game? A press release will only get you so far, and forget about delivering PR by the pound in the form of an e-mail blast. PR News has a few ways on how to nail the pitch.

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