Influencer Marketing, Twitter’s “Like” Button, CEO’s on Social and More

Influencer Marketing, Twitter’s “Like” Button, CEOs on Social and More

Influencer Marketing, Twitter’s “Like” Button, CEOs on Social and More


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! As we gear up for Halloween (or try to avoid it), the Stanton office is chowing down on candy and sweet treats leftover from the weekend.

In this edition, we’re covering changes coming to Twitter, Macy’s influencer marketing success, CEOs on social media platforms, and evolving your content marketing strategy.


Twitter may remove it’s “like” button in an effort to improve the quality of debate on the social network. Naturally, users are furious and have not hesitated to air their disapproval. Users explain that the button allows them to show appreciation of tweets or bookmark posts. Will eliminating the “like” button truly help crack down on trolls? Only time will tell.


Macy’s recently implemented an employee ambassador program to showcase products sold by the company and increase sales. The in-house influencer initiative, which now has about 400 active ambassadors, has proven to be a huge success for engagement. In fact, Macy’s plans to expand the initiative in 2019 and will police influencers to combat bots or fake followers.

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Less than 10 percent of CEOs personally engage on social media. This is presenting a problem for companies that are investing more money than ever into social media channels. Brands use social platforms to gain their follower’s trust and improve transparency. CEOs expressed valid concerns about using these platforms, like potential ridicule and the time commitment, but it could help a brand’s reputation and help CEOs better understand their company’s audience in real time.


Content marketing efforts should keep up with the ever-changing trends and distribution strategies. As new technology becomes available and younger generations grow up using these new technologies, brands must modify the way they reach their target audience. Need a few tips? Look here.


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