#GivingTuesday, Goodbye Instagram Bots, Branded Beer And more


With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday in our rear-view mirror, it’s time to look forward to the holidays – which has already brought colder temperatures. No one in the D.C. office is brave enough to walk outside, so we’re all paying close attention to industry news during our lunch break.

This week we’re talking about #GivingTuesday, saying goodbye to Instagram bots, how the Grinch stole Honda’s social media and branded beer.

PayPal Pays it Forward on #GivingTuesday

After a weekend full of deals and discounts for personal pleasures, #GivingTuesday offers an opportunity to give back. This year, Paypal truly embraced the holiday season and matched donations dollar-for-dollar up to $500,000. The company has now taken this one step further and are adding 1 percent to all donations made from November 27 toNew Year’s Eve.

Goodbye, Bots!

Instagram is pushing to remove inauthentic likes and follows, striving to protect its community from inauthentic activity. This means goodbye bothird-partyd party platforms! The social media giant has started alerting users who have previously shared their username and password with a third-party platform to urge them to change their information and disable outside access. We’re proud to see Instagram take this step in the right direction.

How the Grinch Stole…Honda’s social media?

In true Grinch fashion, the neon green creature is back this season with an even snarkier attitude. With yet another remake of the Christmas classic hitting theaters, Universal Pictures had to breakout of the box to garner attention. The infamous Grinch was seen all over major city billboards, Amazon boxes, and Honda Motor Company’s Twitter feed with crass remarks. During his time on Twitter, The Grinch stole the company’s yearly campaign, ‘Happy Honda Days’ and turned it into ‘Unhappy Honda Days,’ announcing there will be no deals, new cars, or test drives. Thankfully, @Honda has since reclaimed ownership of its feed.

Brands Break Into Beer

 Introducing – branded beer! IHOP and Dunkin’, brands best known for breakfast, have coupled with America’s favorite adult beverage, where each flavor nods towards each company’s respective specialties. IHOP’s pancake-flavored stout and Dunkin’s coffee porter have since hit the shelves and are slowly sweeping the nation.

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