Newsworthy Ugly Christmas Sweaters, 2018 Twitter Winners, An Instagram Rip-off and more


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! We’re one week away from Christmas, and our office is engaging in a spirited discussion about the best last-minute stocking stuffers. Does your tree need a ‘Floss like a Boss’ elf ornament?

In this week’s edition, we highlight a creative use for Ugly Christmas Sweaters, which 2018 brands took home Twitter gold and an influencer marketing promise that turned sour.

Real Life Ugly

Ugly Christmas sweaters used to be something we got from Aunt Judy. Now there’s a cottage industry of companies cashing in on the decades-old fad. One newspaper in Finland found an entirely new use for the threads: depicting the ugliest issues of the year – such as climate change, sexual harassment, digital manipulation – and sent said sweaters to celebrities and activists who have championed causes to fight such issues.

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2018 Twitter Winners

Remember when Colonel Sanders made an appearance on General Hospital? How about the much-discussed Tide Super Bowl Ad Campaign? Nike, KFC and Tide are just some of the brands that won Twitter in 2018, according to Twitter’s Head of Brand Strategy. The list gives insight into how brands can create social media buzz while sparking discussion, awareness and creating memorable moments.


Who doesn’t want to learn the secrets to success of being a social media influencer that gets courted by companies to hawk products and experience destination vacations? One Instagram influencer tried to cash in on her success with a 12-course masterclass that came with a hefty $500 price tag. Many of the people who enrolled cried foul when the information and strategy seemed more like a #pyramidscheme, forcing the teacher to issue refunds to disappointed students.

People, Not Policies

Not everyone has the fortune of pitching a brand that’s a household name. When your client is tied to an important topic filled with statistics and dense material, consider going one step further. Don’t pitch the policy itself. Rather, find a compelling case study i.e. someone who has been or will be affected by such a decision.


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