Fiji Water’s Golden Globes Stunt, Apple’s CES Troll, Netflix’s #BirdBoxChallenge warning and more


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! Here in the Baltimore office, we’re still getting over the Ravens’ bittersweet end to the first playoff game since 2014. In this week’s edition, we take a look at a Golden Globes PR stunt, Apple’s strategic dig at its competitors and the first social media fad gone awry of 2019.

And the Golden Globe For the Best PR Stunt Goes To…

Fiji Water. An anonymous model handing out bottles of water on the red carpet ahead of the Golden Globes stole the show Sunday night. The Golden Globes official sponsor earned a win on social media, with users tweeting about the woman appearing behind several celebrity preshow photos. Fiji got in on the fun with its own tweet, and the bottled water brand’s parent company acknowledged that the ‘Fiji Water Girl’ was a model and brand ambassador.

Siri, Troll My Rivals

Tis the season for CES, the annual consumer technology mega-trade show in Las Vegas. Ahead of CES 2019, Apple took out a giant ad on the side of a hotel right by the Las Vegas Convention Center which hosts the tech spectacle. The multi-story sign that’s a play on the Sin city slogan is a dig at Amazon and Google amidst a key concern that dominated tech headlines in 2018: data and privacy.

Blinded By The Light

Another year, another company warning customers not to partake in a dangerous social media trend. While less toxic than the Tide Pod Challenge, Netflix took to Twitter with a warning after the viral meme success of Bird Box, a Sandra Bullock movie where the main characters remain blindfolded for the majority of the film. The social media fad dubbed the #BirdBoxChallenge involves people doing everyday tasks blindfolded. The streaming movie and TV show company issued the warning after some videos proved dangerous, including a blindfolded toddler walking into a wall. We’re just going to close our eyes until people stop hurting themselves for likes and retweets.

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An Awkward Engagement

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