Facebook’s Tough Week, MySpace’s Mistake, Instagram Ads Make Bank and More



It seems like there’s constantly a news story involving a social media platform, even those that we’ve left by the wayside, ahem MySpace. This week we’re looking at the latest news from four different social platforms, including the good, the bad and the ugly.

Hey, hey, hey, goodbye

It’s been a minute since MySpace has made news, and this week it’s not looking good for Tom. As we all remember from the mid-2000s, MySpace was a go-to destination for discovering new music and gave Owl City, Sean Kingston and Arctic Monkeys a launching pad for future commercial success.

Unfortunately, MySpace seems to have deleted more than a decade’s worth of media, including music, photos and video files that were uploaded to the site between 2003 and 2015. The company says the glitch was caused by a server migration project. Hopefully, your high school band was backing up files elsewhere.

[bctt tweet=”Hopefully your high school rock band was storing its files elsewhere, because all of MySpace’s files from 2003 to 2015 have been deleted. ” username=”@stantoncomm”]

Facebook has (Another) Tough Week

Facebook’s rough week/month/year continues. Last week, Facebook saw key executives depart, had its biggest outage in history and a criminal investigation come to light.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, Facebook was criticized for its role in amplifying the video of the recent shooting at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The shooter’s Facebook Live video remained on the site and caused an important debate over Facebook’s role in editing and censoring content users post.

Twitter Testing New Features

Do you ever see a really great tweet but forget to like or retweet, leaving the post lost in the black hole of the internet? Twitter has begun beta testing a feature that would allow users to subscribe to conversations without having to engage with the thread.

While Twitter didn’t return TechCrunch’s request for information, its PR team’s account simply said: “This is part of our work to make Twitter more conversational.”

Instagram Raking in the Ad Revenue

This week, experts announced that Instagram’s ad revenue from its Stories feature will generate more revenue than Snap’s entire platform, which is ironic considering Instagram essentially copied Snap chat’s platform for this feature.

It’s estimated that ad revenue from Stories alone could reach $2 billion in 2019. Since there’s high demand for ads on Stories, the advertising prices are expected to rise considerably.

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