The Instagram Buzz on Beyonce, The CIA and Queen Elizabeth

Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! April showers are certainly making way for May flowers, and the queen bees that come with them (yes, we’re talking about some buzz around Beyonce).

Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, has certainly been dominating national headlines this week. We thought we’d break down the biggest news, hottest trends and viral content to hit the ‘gram for our latest Lunch Break series.

You like me?! Wait, but do you really like me?

Instagram is an ever-changing app with new layouts and features popping up on the regular. This week, a frenzy among users ignited when Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer of popular apps, shared the news that Instagram appeared to be testing getting rid of likes.

According to Wong, it seemed that the like count on user’s posts might disappear, meaning their followers and brands might not be able to see how many likes they get on posts anymore. While some praised the idea, others hated it.

So, is Instagram really getting rid of likes?

Instagram denied such a feature is in testing. “We’re not testing this at the moment, but exploring ways to reduce pressure on Instagram is something we’re always thinking about,” an Instagram spokesperson told Newsweek. “While we do often test updated features, this particular one was not one we had rolled out to a testing phase.”

The Beyhive Sure is Buzzing

No one knows how to grab a headline or engage with followers better than Beyoncé.

On Monday night, Beyoncé officially launched the #BeforeILetGoChallenge on her Instagram Story, just days after her documentary “Homecoming” was released on Netflix and a surprise live album of her legendary 2018 Coachella performance.

Her fanbase, lovingly referred to as the “Beyhive,” has taken to Instagram to participate in this new viral dance challenge sparked by the star’s cover of “Before I Let Go,” a Frankie Beverly & Maze’s black cultural anthem.

The CIA Joins Instagram

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) will soon be launching an Instagram account — and Instagram is helping them set it up.

Director Gina Haspel addressed a crowd at Auburn University in Alabama and mentioned that the CIA would soon have a presence on Instagram. An Instagram spokesperson told The Verge on Monday, “Our team worked with the CIA, as they do with many partners, to provide best practices and guidance when it comes to launching an Instagram account.”

Even though it might sound unusual for a social media platform to be working with a federal intelligence agency, it’s not unheard of. Other federal agencies like the FBI and TSA have Instagram accounts, too.

Exclusive Content fit for the Queen

The members of the Royal family are no strangers when it comes to handling the press, but the way in which they are breaking latest news from Buckingham Palace has certainly stepped into the 21st century.

From birthdays, to birth announcements, and even Easter celebrations from this past weekend, the Royals are regularly taking to Instagram to control the headlines and release exclusive content.

Yesterday, just hours ahead of Prince Louis’ first birthday, three new photos were released. “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to share these new photographs of Prince Louis ahead of his first birthday tomorrow,” the caption read. “The photographs were taken earlier this month by the Duchess at their home in Norfolk.”

Unlike Myspace or Vine, there is no slowing down for Instagram, especially when mainstream media, celebrities and the average Lunch Breakers, like us, are tuned in and always on!

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