PR Pet Peeves, The Impossible Whopper, A More Authentic Instagram and More


Happy Wednesday, Lunch Breakers!

Here in the D.C. office we know allergies are nothing to sneeze at. And neither is Dwayne Haskins, the number one draft pick from the Washington Redskins. Is it the NFL season yet?

In this week’s edition, we’re serving up some frustrations PR pros have about the media, discussing how Burger King struck gold with a meatless option and examining why the Instagram aesthetic is on its way out.

Did You Get My Pitch?

No, we’re not going to link to yet another Top 10 PR Pet Peeves article. This time, a legal PR pro gets to dish on frustrations of working with the press. Reporters – it’s easy to tell if the pitch you received from a communicator is personalized. It wouldn’t hurt to reply ‘thanks, but no thanks’ once in a while.

Achieving The Impossible

There’s more that meats the eye with Burger King’s Impossible Whopper, a plant-based alternative to BK’s iconic burger. The fast food titan announced that after a successful trial period, it will introduce the vegetarian-friendly dish nationwide by the end of the year. As PR News Online writes, the company successfully identified its audience of meat eaters looking for healthier options.

Do It For The Insta. Just Not As Pretty.

If your organization works with social media influencers, don’t be surprised if their pictures look less polished and pristine. The Atlantic reports that the staged, pastel-heavy Instagram Aesthetic is over. What’s in these days? Authenticity.

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Hard Pass

You’ve gone over your media pitch countless times to let a reporter know about a client event that’s timely and newsworthy. But before you hit send, make sure your e-mail won’t find itself with a one-way ticket to the journalist’s trash folder. This includes avoiding bait-and-switches, snooze-fest copy and making awkward introductions to the wrong reporter.

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