Kim Kardashian’s Fast Food Beef, The Whopper Detour, Another IHOP Stunt and More

Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! After a relaxing Memorial Day weekend, we’re back in the office dreaming about our next summer vacation.

In this week’s edition, we’re talking Kim Kardashian’s Jack-in-the-Box callout, the inside story of Burger King’s Whopper Detour and yet another IHOP rebranding stunt.

Keeping Up With Fast Food Twitter

Last week, Kim Kardashian went public with some beef with Jack In The Box. Well, actually, all she did was tweet that she wanted to speak with a manager about some sort of big issue she had with the burger chain. And, because the internet is undefeated, out came the snark from corporate fast food social media. The Takeout has the aggregate list of brand responses, ranked, for your reading pleasure.

How BK Made the Whopper Detour

These days, it’s hard to keep up with all of the stunts that fast food chains are doing to attract customers. Case in point – Burger King was “giving away” Whoppers for a penny, so long as you downloaded the BK app and placed your order at a McDonalds. That campaign skyrocketed BK’s mobile app downloads to the top spot on iOS and Android, and resulted in the highest amount of restaurant foot traffic since 2014. Adweek has the inside story from Burger King’s Chief Marketing Officer (and a snackable case study for the TL;DR crowd).

What does the P stand for?

Enough burger banter. What else is happening in the food world? Oh, look. Another chance for the world to get annoyed by IHOP. Remember when the pancake chain changed the P to a B to highlight their IHOb burger menu? Looks like they’re causing another flap(jack) with a tweet teasing a new meaning for the letter ‘p’. As expected, no one was having it, especially on a Monday.

Growing Your Audience

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