Pride Month, Instagram Ads, Women’s World Cup and More


Happy Wednesday and Global Running Day, Lunch Breakers!  

Today we’re talking about the highly anticipated Women’s World Cup, the beginning of Pride Month, new ways to advertise on Instagram and the continued rise of the social media analytics market.  

No Price for Pride Month

This week marks the beginning of Pride Month, meant to bring awareness to the violence and discrimination against the LGBTQA+ community as well as to celebrate diversity. 

Pride Month is a colorful opportunity for brands to join in and have a genuine conversation about diversity and inclusion, but Budweiser UK proved there’s a wrong way to celebrate Pride Month, and there’s a fine line between bringing awareness to an event and taking advantage of it for monetary gain.  

This week, Budweiser launched a campaign called “Fly The Flag,” which featured pint glasses adorned with various pride flags. Budweiser then went on to tweet the meanings of each flag and color. LGBTQA+ advocates on Twitter were not happy with the insincerity they thought this campaign showed and felt it was taking advantage of Pride Month for financial gain   

New Instagram Ads

Starting this week, you may notice a difference in your Instagram feed. Now advertisers can promote branded content from influencers in users’ feeds 

Previously, users would only see ads from influencers they followed, but now you’ll see an influencer’s sponsored content in your feed whether you’re following them or not. This gives Instagram influencers a wider reach and brands new ways to tell stories.  

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“Don’t Change Your Dream. Change the World.”

The Women’s World Cup kicks off this Friday with the first group stage in France. The American women’s team are the favorites, garnering more widespread attention for soccer in the U.S., and brands want to get in on the action.  

Nike released an interesting and inspiring advertisement this week, which features a young girl envisioning her future as a top-tier player in a league with sell-out crowds. The ad builds significant hype for the Women’s World Cup and also highlights players that don’t usually get much media attention, especially in the U.S.  

All About the Numbers

Social media analytics are becoming increasingly essential in determining how audiences respond to content. A new report from 360 Market Updates states that the social media analytics market is expected to grow by 26 percent between 2016 and 2023 to $11.89 billionSo turn more attention to your social media activities, PR pros! 


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