Poorly Played Pop-Up Shop, Instagram Influencers, “Vanity Metrics” and More


Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers! We’re recovering from the heatwave and celebrating normal temperatures from the comfort of our offices. For those of you cooped up inside to avoid the heat, check out our PR News roundup that includes a poorly played pop-up shop, Instagram influencers and “Vanity Metrics,”  moving forward with “Femvertising” and Snapchat celebrations!

NYPD Shuts Down AriZona Iced Tea-Adidas Activation

America’s classic AriZona Iced Tea has always cost 99 cents, serving as a driving force in sales for years. When they announced a collaboration with Adidas, it only made sense that the limited edition AriZona Iced Tea-branded Adidas sneakers would maintain the 99 cent price point.

But before sneaker sales could even begin, the NYC pop-up was shut down by the NYPD due to overwhelming demand and crowd-control issues. AriZona has discussed the incident on social media, but Adidas has not commented.

Top takeaway for your next pop-up: Prepare your crisis communication responses and have them ready to go.

Instagram Influencers Might Ditch Vanity Metrics

Once again, Instagram is planning for a drastic update. This time around, users will not be able to see the number of likes another user has received. This updated version of the app is currently being tested in markets around the world, but is not fully available to the public.

Instagram’s aim is to create a ‘less pressurized environment,’ but this could mean drastic changes for Instagram influencers who are chasing ‘vanity metrics’ (likes and follower count) as a source of income. The Stanton team is ready to watch the trends and see what’s next for this line of work!

“Femvertising” Moves PR One Step Forward

Using American family ideals as a marketing tactic has consistently fallen flat with most modern women. Today, there is a new opportunity to embrace “femvertising” – an effort to appeal to female audiences with a new and positive portrayal of women.

[bctt tweet=”Brands should be striving to raise the bar and create a representation that rises above societal expectations. Three cheers for femvertising! ” username=””]

Congrats, Snapchat!

Recent analytics show that Snapchat has officially pushed their audience above 200 million active daily users. It seems the app has finally recovered after a poorly received redesign in 2017. Much of the growth on the platform actually came from users outside of North America and Europe, which is not what they have seen in the past. Snapchat’s CEO expected this was due to their Android app redesign.

Analytics aside, this was a solid recovery, Snapchat!

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