Peloton Parody, A Decade of PR, Generation Alpha and More

Happy Tuesday, Lunch Breakers. Don’t let today’s hazy forecast — or the food coma from the holiday cookie swap — get you in a fog. Here in the Baltimore office, it’s full steam ahead for another week of Lamar Jackson Mania.

In this week’s edition, we have an Aviation Gin martini toast to Ryan Reynolds’ quick-thinking Peloton spoof, a look back at the top PR moments and campaigns that defined the decade and the habits of all those born after Gen-Z.

Gift Responsibly

There has been a Pelo-ton of outrage following the controversial commercial from the luxury exercise bike brand. It’s as if the marketing team has egg nog on its collective face. Cue Ryan Reynolds, who swooped in for a gin-uine surprise. His Peloton parody that features the same actress—  now in a commercial for Reynolds’ Aviation gin — took social media by storm. Adweek explains how quick thinking and a text from Reynolds transformed a concept into reality.

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Reflecting on a Decade

Another week, another list looking back at not only the past year but the past decade. We’re scrolling through the most influential campaigns of the past 10 years, according to communication pros who spoke with PR Week. Fearless Girl. ALS #IceBucketChallenge. REI’s Opt Outside. We’re here for it all. Looking for bonus content? PR Week also has the top PR moments that defined this decade.


Few things are as cringe-worthy than pelting a reporter with corporate jargon or dry industry statistics. How do you make your client stand out in a crowded field? Find the captivating narrative. Reporters love a good story. But that doesn’t mean you have to bombard them with the start-to-finish routine. Start with the attention-grabbing pivotal moment and don’t forget to drop the clichés and hyperbole from your copy.

Generation Alpha

Growing tired of all the ‘Ok Boomer’ think pieces? How about the countless industries that millennials have killed? It’s time to learn about the habits from the latest generation — babies born after 2010 — aka Generation Alpha. Check out Agility PR’s takeaways from a report on the most diverse generation, including what this could mean for marketers and brands.

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