Biggest Brands of 2019, Creative Campaigns, Crisis Comms, and More 


Happy New Year’s Eve, Lunch Breakers! Welcome to the final Lunch Break of 2019 and this decade.  

The end of the year is a great time to look back on the last 12 months of trends and reflect on how PR has played a role in these moments. In the spirit of the last day of 2019, we’re sharing a selection of roundups that sum up the year in campaigns.  

Talk of the Year 

This week, AdWeek rounded up 10 brands that have made waves this year — for better or for worse. Some brands came onto the scene and gained wider public awareness, like TikTok and Beyond Meat. Other brands drew negative attention in 2019, like WeWork, Away and Peloton.  

Meanwhile, other mainstay brands with new products to promote continued to be part of the conversation like Popeye’s and Disney. Do you think these brands will stay on top in 2020, or will there be new players to compete with these giants?  

Creative PR Campaigns 

2019 was filled with creative PR campaigns. The Holmes Report shared some of its favorite campaigns from the year, which were largely focused on social good. Some of their favorites included Gerber’s “Every Baby is a Gerber Baby,” which featured a baby with Down syndrome, to various breast cancer awareness campaigns, and Burger King’s initiative to reduce single-use plastics. We love a feel-good story, especially if it’s accompanied by a great PR campaign.  

Most Read Crisis Stories  

With great PR campaigns also comes the need for a solid crisis communication plan. PRWeek summed up its most-read crisis communications stories from 2019, and it’s a worthwhile read since “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” From a misstep in Tesla’s Cybertruck demo to Southwest cancelling 180 flights in a single day, these crises are important to read up on to see how these brands navigated these moments.  

Peace Out, 2019 

As you can probably tell, we love a roundup. Vox has compiled “2019, in 6 minutes” if you’d like to remind yourself all the things that happened around the world this year, both good and bad.  

Happy New Year, and see you in 2020, Lunch Breakers!  

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