Two Brains Are Better Than One for Automated Marketing 

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Communications professionals know how important email campaigning is—it’s your direct line to your brand’s biggest fans. While internal and external lists and client information grow, our workload does too. That’s why it’s important to harness marketing automation tools, such as MailChimp, that effectively help us reach our target audience.  

In recent months, Mailchimp has expanded its offerings into what it’s calling “second-brain” automation services, offering expanded creative tools, user-friendly distribution settings and more.  

The email management and automation application has amped up its offerings in the last months with more robust tools to streamline content marketing outreach and evolve into a multichannel platform.

Google Ads: This most recent addition just emerged within the last couple weeks, and makes it easy for marketers to autopopulate Google ads with their most popular products in just a couple clicks. 

Facebook and Instagram Ads: You no longer have to go through Facebook’s clunky Ad Manager to create Facebook ads—Mailchimp makes it easier. You can also target ads directly to your email subscribers—or, create a lookalike audience based on them for better targeting.

Mobile Campaigns: Less-forward thinking but increasingly essential, this update makes campaign creation easy via your mobile device. 

Expanded Content Management Means More Ways to Connect 

Outreach, targeting and follow-up are key factors in being consistent with audience engagement. There’s a plethora of distractions online and this service helps give the mind focus. 

As email management and content marketing tools like Mailchimp become more robust, so will content marketing campaigns. To maintain an edge, marketers need to stay at the cutting edge of these developments and learn how to put them to use for high-impact results.  

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