Meet Elaine: From Politics to PR, Qualities That Make You Marketable

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Since moving to D.C., the bulk of my professional experience has revolved around Capitol Hill. From learning the art of networking and office politics to interacting with politicians and distinguished professionals, every job has been challenging and fulfilling at the same time. But, six months ago, I became a part of the PR world and was given the opportunity to apply my skills to a new field.  

Diving deeper into public relations and refining my ability to promote through the art of communication appealed to me. However, moving from one career field to another is difficult, and to do this successfully, it is necessary to learn how to market yourself. I believe there are three characteristics that can help you succeed: writing well, checking your work, and accepting new opportunities. 

Write Well 

One of the most valuable skills a professional can have is the ability to write well. Writing skills are sometimes overlooked or put on the back-burner when you are learning the ropes of professional life. Don’t make that mistake, you can apply these skills to every single position you apply for. The ability to write well could arguably be the most important skill needed to become a great PR pro. 


Working on Capitol Hill taught me that an inaccuracy in information can lead to huge repercussions. Similarly, communicators develop content on behalf of the organizations or people they represent. While it is important to make content captivating, it’s equally important to make it accurate. From social media posts to press releases, from web content to the pitch, it is critical that you double-check your work, ask the necessary questions, and make sure your information is correct. 

Fake It Till You Make It 

Every new job has presented me with unexpected challenges. There have been intimidating projects, nerve-wracking meetings, or tasks that I thought were beyond my ability. These experiences have taught me that, no matter how intimidating a task, they offer the opportunity to advance your skill set and learn something new, even if you fail. Anyone pursuing a career in PR would be wise to develop the ability to recognize opportunities and make the most out of them.  

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