Meet Julia Telford: How a Passion for Yoga Can Lead to SMART Objectives

I often find myself at the top of my game while in the middle of a yoga class. Yoga helps others unwind and relax, but I found it a way to recharge and focus on my goals. Practicing yoga helps me center myself and allow me to figure out my next move in life. My next move in life will be to Washington D.C. in August, and this means I will need to find a new yoga studio to join.  

During this search, I have found myself unknowingly following SMART objectives. SMART objectives are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. SMART goals help give you a clear way to create structure and measure progress. My goal is to find the right yoga studio that fits my lifestyle and personal goals.  

When joining a yoga studio, as with any PR campaign, my first step is research. Similar to the beginning of a public relations campaign, I consider the five W’s: Who, What, Where, When, and Why. The same five w’s also apply when you’re looking to join a new yoga studio.

Who: Who are the instructors that teach at the studio, how many years of experience do they have and how long have they been practicing yoga?  

What: What type of yoga is offered at the studio? Is it basic yoga, power yoga, or hot yoga?  

Where: Where is the studio located? Is it close to work or your apartment? You want your studio to be in a convenient location for you.  

When: What time are the classes offered? When choosing a studio, you have to decide if you want to attend classes before the workday to clear your mind and prepare for the day, or after the workday to relax and unwind.  

Why: Why are you practicing yoga? Are you practicing yoga for health benefits, personal reasons, or as a way to create a routine for yourself? When you develop specific goals, you have a greater chance of being accomplished.  

Whether for media outreach or well-being, it is important to have a measurable goal. The best way to measure my goal for choosing a yoga studio is to take advantage of the trial packages different yoga studios offer. Yoga is presented in many different forms, from beginner yoga to power yoga to vinyasa flow. By trialing a variety of classes from different studios, this ensures I have explored all my options before committing to a studio. 

A SMART goal needs to be attainable. It’s important to look at the logistics to see how you are going to achieve your goal. When choosing a yoga studio, I always look at the times and locations the studio offers. Is the studio close to your apartment or work office? Does the studio offer classes before work, or after work? These are all things to consider while trying to achieve your goal.  

Having a relevant goal is key. How does your goal directly affect you or your business?  My goal is relevant to my personal life. Yoga is something I’m passionate about and enhances my overall well-being and life fulfillment—which circles back around to making me a more energized and creative team member at work, too. Bringing my yoga routine to my new city will help improve my overall health and well-being.  

One of the most important steps for achieving a goal is setting a deadline. Take the time to map out your goal and decide how long it will take you to achieve. When choosing a new yoga studio, I like to give myself at least two months before committing. I like to take the time to test different classes at various times with multiple instructors. Giving myself a time frame helps me stay focused and eventually make a decision.  

 SMART Campaigns, SMART Life 

SMART goals aren’t just for communications campaigns—this compelling goal-setting framework can lend structure and effectiveness to goalsetting in any area of our lives. Simple tasks such as choosing a yoga studio may be easy in theory, but when you plan out the steps, you are following SMART objectives. 

Just as with any goal, personal or professional, when you take the time to strategically plan out your goals, you have a greater chance of achieving them.  


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