Meet Tory: How To Build Relationships As A PR Pro

Everyone has relationships in their lives. As a young PR professional, I learned the value of building positive relationships, which is a lot like making friends.  

For public relations professionals, building relationships is part of our job. Establishing a rapport with clients, reporters, and industry peers not only helps us grow in our profession – but makes our jobs more enjoyable.  

Meeting People  

We must put ourselves out there to make friends. Whether attending a work event or interacting virtually, becoming comfortable meeting new people is an important skill. These instances are opportunities to build our networks and make valuable connections within and outside our industry.  

Every Friendship Needs to Be Nurtured 

It is important to spend time and effort connecting with our clients to build trust in the relationship and keep them satisfied.  

Building relationships and connecting with reporters also is essential in the PR industry. Just as we might call and check in on friends, we should be doing the same with reporters. Reporters and PR pros work hand in hand so reaching out to applaud a story, show we shared it, or offer a friendly tip can help us build a strong working partnership.  

Contacting reporters only when we want them to cover a client is an easy trap to fall into, but it won’t make our pitch stand out from all the others also striving for attention. Reaching out to reporters consistently can help foster a relationship of trust, and as a result, increase the likelihood they will remember us the next time we send them a pitch. 

Engage and Interact on Social Media 

When our friends post on social media, we usually give it a “like” without expecting anything in return. The same is true for clients and reporters. Whenever a client posts on social media we should “like” it from our personal account. The same goes for reporters. Interacting with their posts by either liking or commenting (even when we are not actively pitching them) can be another great way to connect.  

It Takes Time   

Building any kind of relationship takes time and happens gradually. The same is true when building relationships with your clients and reporters. It won’t happen overnight, but simply putting in a bit of time and effort will go a long way.  

About the Author: 

Tory Hyde joins Stanton Communications as an Assistant Account Executive having served previously in comparable positions in public relations agencies and nonprofits. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama where she double majored in public relations and communication studies.  Tory has experience working with a variety of tech clients in different industries. She enjoys writing, pitching and making connections with fellow professionals, clients and reporters. Outside the office, Tory likes to play volleyball and spend time with her friends and family (including her pets). Tory is excited to be a part of the Stanton Team and is eager to support her new clients.  

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