New Dove Campaign, Laughs from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, And More

New Dove Campaign, Laughs from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, And More

It’s an undeniable fact that the news is continuing to be dominated by coronavirus coverage. Our team at Stanton continues to share a sampling of stories that we’ve been discussing, virtually of course, during these challenging times.

Staying Active During Quarantine

Have you moved today? As more states issue stay-at-home orders to combat the spread of the coronavirus many people are working from home and spending long hours streaming their favorite TV shows and movies.  That’s a major concern for health officials.

There are many associated health risks of living a more sedentary lifestyle and one of them is thrombosis, or blot clots. In a recent USA Today article, the publication provides information on the importance of staying active during this critical time and offers advice from experts on how to stay active.

We’re All Just Living in One Big Case Study

“Across every sector, if you’re a head of marketing, your job just changed forever,” said Greg Welch, partner and practice leader for marketing, sales and communication at executive search and leadership advisory firm Spencer Stuart. Despite all the cuts in the past month, the role of marketing has only become more important, he said.

The shock waves from the pandemic may be stalling the economy and putting some marketing professionals out of work, but companies still have to engage with consumers and protect their brands. Read more in the Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today about how marketing departments are being innovated during these unprecedented times.

Thanks for the Laughs, Julia

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, best known for playing bumbling politician Selina Meyer in “VEEP” and “Seinfeld” bestie Elaine Benes, is in a new COVID-19 PSA for the State of California. As she delivers her remarks, she tries to apply her own makeup, without the assistance of her go-to glam team. As she smudges on bright red lipstick, she tells us that her stylists are all at home staying safe, as should the viewer. While blotting, she also reminds us of the six-foot social distancing rule. The results would give Ronald McDonald a run for his money and we couldn’t be more grateful for the chuckle.

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth the 47 seconds.

Showing the Faces of Healthcare Workers

How does the biggest soap brand in the world advertise in the time of COVID? Dove answers that question with a powerful new global campaign that has put a new face to their usual “Real Beauty” advertising through a “Courage Is Beautiful” campaign. This campaign shows the many faces of healthcare workers marked by the protective gear they’ve been wearing during the coronavirus crisis.

The idea came from WPP’s Ogilvy Canada spotting photos of healthcare workers on the front lines, taken by Italian photographer Alberto Giuliani, says Alessandro Manfredi, executive vice president of the global Dove brand. In an interview written for Ad Age, Manfredi explains, “Given the subject matter and restrictions on getting people together for production, Dove didn’t want a polished expensive-looking production. I think the less resources you have, the more creative you are.”

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