New Website, Same Mission: Inform, Influence, and Inspire 

The Firm Owners Reflect on Stanton’s Evolution Over 34 Years 

Stanton Communications is preparing to enter what will be our 34th year. While we have changed a great deal since our founding in 1989, there are fundamental ideas that remain. As we continue to evolve, we are still committed to our core mission:

We exist to enable communication that Informs, Influences, and Inspires. 

Today, we introduce our new website that reflects who we are at this stage of our evolution – fiercely independent, globally capable, delivering excellence to clients of great importance in their industries.  

As we enter this next phase of our evolution, our owners share what our mission means to them and how it is reflected in our work.  


To inform is to shed new light, share new information, or offer authoritative perspective to the public discourse. When we collaborate with an organization, we are constantly seeking to identify those crucial areas where it has information or expertise of significance to offer in the ongoing conversations and in support of the communities they wish to engage. In a world of constant buzz and content churn, contributing to the dialogue with value and quality is the strongest way to cut through the noise, while growing connections with both reporters and audiences. We seek to lead with this high standard of quality at every turn. 


Influence is the ability to shape conversations and guide outcomes. For our clients, this means we support their goals of building reputations, brands, market share, and impact. Our work together ensures their influence is established, protected, and evolving strategically over time –while aligning with our shared values.  


Inspiration arises first from believing in ourselves and our capacities. From there, it embraces what we can accomplish in support of our clients’ success. We always strive to rise to the challenges they present to us, achieve the goals they set, and realize the incandescent possibilities we create through our work together. When we apply the art, science, and power inherent in communication, we deliver on our capacity to effect positive and meaningful change for our clients. And that is what inspires us. 

With these cornerstones as our north star, we reimagined our new website with the goal to showcase how our strategic approach, global capabilities, and dedication to client work leads to impactful results. Even more importantly, as we look to what’s next, we hope it also demonstrates what we humbly believe are meaningful contributions to inform, influence and inspire audiences worldwide on behalf of our clients past, present, and future.  

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