How to Build the Next Generation of PR Pros

As our team grows, I find myself reviewing a wide range of resumes and am impressed by the ambition of many young professionals, who have a list of internships to show for their efforts to find their place within the field.

And yet, media relations activity is scarce among their accomplishments for these internships, and instead they’re full of social media management. Are these young professionals just too taken with TikTok to be bothered with traditional media? I really don’t think so. Indeed, in my experience, young professionals are eager to jump in and contribute to media pitching!

The real problem is that PR firms aren’t giving interns the opportunities they need to build this all-important skill set. And certainly, it’s a tall order that requires hands-on training, an open door and no small amount of trust.

In this byline for PR Daily, I share my thoughts on the steps we can take to provide interns with the opportunities they need and deserve to build their media relations skillset and set up the next generation of PR pros for success.

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