Nike’s Shoe Snafu, “The Best Brand Partnership Ever,” Rethinking Hashtags and more


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We’re roaring in the office with The Lion King’s new trailer that dropped during the Oscars. Talk about nostalgia. July 19th can’t arrive soon enough.  In this week’s edition, we have PR pros’ reactions to the Nike-Zion Williamson shoe malfunction, the greatness of T-Mobile and Taco Bell teaming up and the effectiveness of hashtags.

A Shoe Is Broken

Nike was back in the national spotlight during last week’s Duke-UNC matchup. Duke player Zion Williamson was injured after one of his sneakers ripped apart less than a minute into college basketball’s best rivalry game. Zion Williamson never returned to the court, Duke lost to its arch-rival and the #shoegate hot takes commenced. Four PR pros spoke to PR Week about Nike’s response and implications for the brand.

Taco Bout A Great Partnership

It feels like an eternity ago that the nation witnessed a snooze fest of a Super Bowl. Were you awake when T-Mobile announced a free Taco Bell #TacoTuesday deal for customers? Convince & Convert called the promotion the “best brand partnership ever” because of the similarities between the two customer bases. Next time your company wants to join forces with another organization, make sure the deal you’re offering customers is enticing.

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Are #Hashtags Working?

#Love. #Instagood. #PhotoOfTheDay. These are some of the top hashtags on Instagram. They’re supposedly great for getting new customers to find your content but #using #too #many #can #make #your #posts #unreadable #and #confusing. It turns out hashtags aren’t that effective for Facebook and Instagram, compared to comments, shares and number of followers. The bottom line is, you might want to think twice before you #spend #too #much #time figuring out the best hashtags in order to extend your digital reach.

The Evolution of PR

In any industry, it’s essential to stay in tune with the latest trends and adapt accordingly. Remember when journalists and communicators first started using Twitter? These days, changes are coming lighting fast, so it’s important to update your skill set. From technology to analytics, here are five things communicators need to stay abreast of as the communication industry continues to evolve.



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