Building Cybersecurity Awareness Through Imaginative Internal Communication


Global Manufacturing Company


Corporate, Internal Communication


As the world grapples with pandemics, epidemics, and the many associated changes they produce, including remote work, another kind of virus is infiltrating businesses, municipalities, and organizations: cybercrime. The risk is expected to increase as more companies permanently adopt hybrid work arrangements that risk leaving networks unsecured and data exposed, and as more cyber criminals make millions from a single data ransom. 

 While many companies are spending heavily to secure their hardware and networks, the reality is that technology itself is not enough to ward off expensive or damaging attacks. Each person in an organization plays a critical role in protecting data and information. One misstep by one person in one moment can result in a catastrophic breach that potentially exposes the organization, the relationships it shares with clients, and even the personal information of all its employees. 


Stanton was engaged by a large public company to build a consistent messaging campaign to remind employees of the dangers of cybercrime and to help minimize weak links. This campaign was not created to produce fear, but rather motivate individuals to do their part in the interest of the whole and make them feel empowered to protect the organization and one another.


Through close collaboration with internal communication and IT teams, Stanton has developed a consistent, sustained, and memorable campaign to motivate safe cyber practices. By evaluating the company’s audience and communications channels, we have successfully created a clear brand for the campaign using logos, taglines, and other visual elements across physical facilities and on communications platforms including email and intranet, as well as created custom strategies for distinct employee groups who use technology differently. Some of these elements include creating cyber themed menus for awareness days, posters and TV monitor imagery for those working on-site in production facilities, and branded emails and blog content hosted on internal websites.   

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