Recruiting the Next Generation of Statisticians


This is Statistics


Association, Communication Strategy, Media Relations, Social Media, Thought Leadership


Over the course of the next decade, the demand for statistics and data literacy professionals is expected to continue growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics  predicts that from 2020-2030 there will be a 30-35% increase in employment growth for statisticians, meaning over 15,000 job opportunities will be created. 

The oldest scientific association in the United States, the American Statistical Association (ASA), engaged Stanton to develop a campaign to encourage more students to pursue degrees in statistics and data science. 


Using the Matrix Blueprint, a strategic planning process that closely aligns an organization’s business objectives with measurable results, the Stanton team developed an impactful, integrated communications initiative – This is Statistics.


An online information hub was built from the ground up to appeal to students, parents, teachers and counselor audiences by addressing their individual needs and interests. Since the launch of the campaign in 2014, the website has garnered nearly 1 million unique visitors.  The site serves as the launching pad for student contests, held each Spring and Fall semester, to engage students from elementary school to higher education to participate in statistics and data analytics challenges.  A comprehensive social media strategy, informed by research and insights, has evolved with each platform to reach students and educators based on their interests earning over 38,000 unique followers. Ongoing proactive media outreach has garnered more than 45 million media impressions and placements in high-value publications including the Washington Post, Fast Company, USA Today College, Fortune magazine and most notably a partnership with The New York Times. 

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