Quarantine Baking, Shifts in Internet Usage, PR Loungewear, And More

Quarantine Baking, Shifts in Internet Usage, PR Loungewear, And More

Today’s Lunch Break may look different from the last few months. Instead of walking to a café to pick up a sandwich, you may find yourself walking to your fridge to stare at last night’s leftovers or grab another bowl of cereal. Our routines are in flux in this constantly changing world.

So take a break from your Zoom meeting and grab your lunch. Join us as we check out how the COVID-19 global pandemic has changed our habits and the marketing industry, while also creating inspiration for new ways to give back.

COVID-19 Changing the Influencer Business

The influencer marketing industry has taken a hit from the COVID-19 global pandemic. Sponsorship deals have shut down, events are cancelled, and brands are postponing campaigns. Business Insider takes a look at how influencers have adjusted their businesses during this pandemic. They’re focusing on long-term revenue streams, like selling products for direct-to-consumer businesses. Fitness creators have seen a surge in sales as people seek out at-home workout programs.

The long-term impact could be brands paying less for sponsored posts even after this pandemic ends, according to BI. Brands are in limbo as they wait to see what happens before going back to their normal spending habits. The marketing world will definitely look different once everyone is back at their office and off their phones 24/7.

The Micro-Trends of Quarantine

Have all your friends been baking bread or posting videos of pushups? Vox takes a look at how the small, quantifiable victories of these quarantine micro-trends are helping us stay connected during these isolating times.

Instagram created a new “Stay Home” story sticker for people to tag while posting about their freshly baked bread or foamy dalgona coffee, a three-ingredient South Korean treat that’s now all the rage on social media.  These trending activities are easily achievable at home and shareable online. From creating virtual happy hours to crowdsourcing sourdough starter tips, social interactions are at the core of these quarantine challenges and trends. Each trend lets us carry on with life during unprecedented times while minimizing loneliness and isolation.

For PR Pros: Wear Your Most Overused Phrase and Give Back

As noted by PR Week, a DePaul University student created a line of hoodies, mugs and phone cases with the PR catchphrase, “Just Following Up.” The student launched the line to give people something comfortable to wear while working from home that also benefits the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Response Fund and local businesses in her Syracuse, NY hometown. Now you can be stuck at home with the daily reminder to follow up on all your pitches!

Changing the Way We Internet

The New York Times’ nationwide analysis of Internet usage demonstrates a behavioral shift as the COVID-19 global pandemic forced us inside and on our devices for work, play and social connections.

Notable findings reveal:

– We are turning away from our phones to connect: With people spending more time at home, we’re doing more streaming and social media scrolling on our computers.

– We are seeking new ways to connect: Social media platforms continue to grow, but video chat apps have seen the biggest boost. We want to do more than connect through text and virtually hang out to chat and play games together.

– We are relying on services to work and learn from home: With offices and schools moving into our homes, Zoom, Google Classroom and other virtual platforms that provide meetings and assignments have seen a huge increase in activity. This has also led to a closer look at their privacy practices.

– We are playing more video games: Sports consumption on ESPN is down due to the cancellation of major-league games, while some streaming video game sites have seen surges in traffic.

Whether you’re scrambling to find enough flour to supply your bread baking projects or spending your days lounging in PR catch-phrase sweats, it’s important to remember we’re all in this together. While our habits are changing, our desires for social connectivity and creativity are still as strong as ever.

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