Reality Take Over: Three PR Lessons from Netflix TV Show Love is Blind  

Everyone is talking about the new Netflix reality dating show “Love is Blind” and there’s a good reason why. The show follows several contestants in a social experiment to see if they can fall in love without ever seeing who they’re talking to and determine if love is truly blind. After talking for 10 days and proposing without seeing their “soulmate” five couples ultimately get engaged. They are Cameron and Lauren, Jessica and Mark, Diamond and Carlton, Amber and Barnett, and Damian and Giannina.  

The show continues until their wedding days to see if these couples are willing to say “I doand embrace societal pressures and the mere fact that they’ve only know each other a few short weeks. 

 Using the Right Tools to Build Your Audience 

The casting producers for the show did not always use the most conventional method to seek out participants. Damian admitted he had matched with the casting producer on Tinder and only after their conversation kicked off did she admit her true intentions for reaching out. 

Using apps like Instagram, Snapchat or even Tinder is a great tool for searching for people and similar organizations to build your audience. You can see what kinds of conversations are taking place and where you can fit in. 

 Importance of Being on Various Social Media Platforms  

After the cast was able to post on social media and reveal their relationships, a full year and a half after the show stopped filming, we now see them using social platforms like Instagram and YouTube to pivot their newfound fame. By using show hashtags like #Loveisblind and tagging Netflix in their Instagram posts this created higher engagement for themselves and Netflix.  

Cameron and Lauren the crowd favorite, have now created a YouTube channel Hanging With the Hamiltons that gives fans a look inside their home and let us into their lives after the show.  

Exploring different social media platforms is a great way to connect yourself through different mediums. Not everyone who’s on Instagram is on Twitter or some people prefer to watch YouTube videos. It’s important to make yourself accessible through various platforms especially after gaining newfound attention.  

Leveraging All Types of Media 

[bctt tweet=”It’s important to make yourself accessible through various platforms especially after gaining newfound attention.” username=”@StantonComm”] Since the season one finale aired the cast members of the show have appeared on numerous talk and radio shows. Lauren and Mark both appeared on Fox 5 Atlanta, Cameron showed us his rap skills on Sways Universe and of course, we can’t forget about Jessica, Matt, Giannina, Damian, Cameron and Lauren’s appearance on Ellen 

 National television is a great opportunity to utilize alternative platforms besides social media or print/online media. Just like print/online media there are a vast number of outlets that your client can make an appearance on and once you land one major day time slot like Ellen or Fox 5, it will be easier to get on another popular TV segment. Finding the right platform is essential in creating that buzz that keeps your audience engaged.  


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