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Agency Job

Agency Job

As graduation season comes to an end, June opens its doors to welcome new professionals into the workforce. Fortunately, job prospects look more promising in 2015 than years past. For those college grads eyeing a career in the public relations field, it is critical to take a step back and consider the type of work environment that will help you meet your full potential. Several of my colleagues and I began our professional journeys in the agency world, which has proven to be advantageous to this day. Here are four lessons I’ve learned during my time here at Stanton Communications that I believe validate why PR pros should consider an agency environment to launch their career.

1. School may be over, but the learning never ends

The opportunity to nurture a subset of skills is a gift many take for granted. With such a variety of activities to manage (i.e. media pitching, developing social media content, etc.), working in an agency truly offers you the opportunity to leverage natural skills while strengthening the less proficient ones. Learning the spectrum of public relations skills will equip you with a strong understanding of the profession down the road. At any point in your career it will benefit you to have the experience that sharpens a variety of skills.

2. Networking is made easy

Simply put, agencies are full of natural networkers. Clients may come and go in the agency life, but an extended network helps facilitate new and untapped business opportunities. As a new member of the public relations industry, you can begin growing your connections within your company’s four walls and even learn the art of networking. Then, you can start to extend that professional web to the benefit of yourself, your agency and even your clients.

3. You become an encyclopedia of knowledge

Want to learn more about the impact of game-based learning? Want to speak intelligently about today’s building and construction trends? Life at a public relations agency allows you to immerse yourself in a variety of industries and/or companies. Even if the agency specializes in a particular sector, you will become savvy in that industry’s language and knowledgeable of the way different organizations operate. Plus, you will always have random facts to surprise your friends with at happy hour!

4. The PR agency world prepares you for the real world

If you ask agency folks their opinion of the work environment, you will usually hear, “Agencies are fast-paced,” and, “Not one day on my job is the same.” These statements hold true when applied to your personal life as well. You never know what life may throw at you, and no one day completely mirrors the next. The ability to change gears in a flash and juggle multiple projects is something everyone can benefit from. Luckily, working in an agency setting provides great practice for this important life skill.

What else do you enjoy about the agency lifestyle? Share your favorite parts in our comments section below!

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