Search Engine Ranking Factors, Facebook Popularity, and More

Search Engine Ranking Factors, Facebook Popularity, and more


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In this week’s edition, we cover search engine ranking factors, a designer’s role, genuine messaging, and Facebook’s mobile app popularity.

Awesome Ranking Signals

Google evaluates websites based on hundreds of search engine ranking factors, and these are updated each year to adapt to the user. Google recently announced that page speed will become a ranking factor in mobile search. This “Speed Update” will target the slowest loading pages to encourage developers to improve speeds.

Design Priorities

Designers are being recognized more than ever as design priorities continue to evolve. Design plays a role in a brand’s image whether you are building trust, reaching business goals, or mastering the online digital sphere. Designers have the opportunity to shape the direction of their brand with their voice and perspective.

Meaningful Messaging

In an era of #FakeNews, trust in media outlets is at an all-time low. Brands are struggling to connect with their audiences and regain the public’s trust has become increasingly important. Need tips to keep your brand genuine? Look no further.

Popularity Contest

Ninety percent of people using social media apps on their phone check Facebook every day. And once they log on they usually stay for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. It may surprise you, but Facebook is the most popular social media platform, even with millennials. Creating the right content is important, but so is the platform you use.

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