A Message from our Founder and CEO, Peter Stanton

The world, at this moment, seems filled with danger.  Wherever we turn, the risk of exposure and illness seem immediately at hand.  So we wash our hands, swab our keyboards, wave, salute and smile from ten feet apart.

For those of us at Stanton, the physical distance between us is, in fact, even greater.  We each have been working from home for nearly the past ten days.  We began ahead of any government advisory to do so, instead adopting an abundance of caution.  Since we made this decision, our work has continued uninterrupted and none of us is ill.  But interestingly, we also are, I believe, even closer.

We are talking, asking about family, worrying over each other’s needs, offering support… and supplies if we have them…. And trying to take care of one another.  At the same time, we also are taking care of our clients.  With them, we are talking, writing, being available at any hour and delivering what is needed, even as we think ahead on their behalf.

During this dangerous and uncertain time, we are thinking of you and sending our best wishes for safety and the well-being of your colleagues and loved ones.  And we remain close when you need us.

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